I want to help you from the inside out, to Empower you to make choices that work for you, to Enable you to live your best life

Exercise Equipment
Exercise Equipment

Connection is key. I want to give you the Keys to help you unlock the doors to your mind and body. Together we work out a solution that works for you and your lifestyle.

I think of this engagement time with YOU as CONNECTION where we investigate the ways in which we can work together to address the areas in your life that you want to explore.

For me MOVEMENT is about being able to do everyday activities without restriction or causing pain. My approach involves improving mobility, flexibility, strength, and fitness by being adaptable to any personal needs.

Finally, LAUGHTER is the foundation from which I develop my programme with you. The solution must involve LAUGHTER, we will not WIN if there is no LAUGHTER. It is the foundation of everything I do.

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Why is CONNECTION, MOVEMENT and LAUGHTER so important to me?

Being with others moving and Laughing puts you in to the parasympathetic nervous system instead of staying in the fight or flight system, you know the stressy system, no one wants to be there! And we all know what happens if you stay in stressy systems too long INFLAMMATION happens in our body, causing all sorts of havoc (aches and pain, infection, tiredness, illness, and disease)

I have a personal story as to why CONNECTION, MOVEMENT and LAUGHTER is extra special and important to me.

I was known as Coach Corrina, I had been in the fitness industry for 12 years and loved my clients, I was Bright, Bubbly and Motivating, where laughter was in abundance, I never used to think about laughing it was just part of who I was.

Sadly in January 2016 a terrible trauma hit our family and our Son Dan died at the age of 21, my world and life changed in an instant and I lost the ability to laugh.

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Not only did I lose my laugh but also my ability to Coach and motivate others, each day I had to survive myself.

As you can imagine the last five years have been the hardest of my life, I have had to dig very deep many times, sometimes I would fall but each time I did, the stronger and more resilient I became. I have many strategies that I would like to share, which I do as part of my intuitive life coaching and in my book that I have written ‘Different faces of Grief’ to be published in 2021.

“I want to help you find hope purpose and  LAUGHTER”

Exercise Equipment

How did I find my way through trauma……


I was fortunate enough to meet JP (John Polley – founder of the “Next Level” Programme), shortly after Dan died, when I attended a Fitness Conference in Melbourne. I went to a play workshop where we played fitness games and connected with each other. We laughed and laughed and laughed a bit more.


“it was the first time I realized how powerful my job was as a Coach and Personal trainer that I made people laugh”